"I have been using the Genacol® Original Formula since 2004.When I started using it, I quickly noticed a difference.Having a knee injury that required surgery, I was able to continue carrying out regular activities without difficulty.The results pushed me to become a spokesperson for Genacol and I talk about it to a lot of people.I am pleased to see people come back to thank me for having recommended the product.My wife, who suffered from tendonitis of the arm, has no more pain.I encourage people suffering from osteoarthritis or joint pain to take this fantastic Canadian product.Congratulations and thank you Genacol!

Yvan Cournoyer

For some time, I have been taking Genacol Optimum and I feel a real relief of the inflammation caused by the osteoarthritis that I have on my back and the hands.I notice a marked improvement in the flexibility of my joints.I am (a young) , retired, and no question of being inactive, mostly, I like to travel, and I still have many places to see! ✈️🛳Given my very positive results, I have great confidence in their new product Genacol Bone & Joint.Really, try Genacol products, you will feel the difference.Genacol is a winner !

Hélèbe Leblanc

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